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I’m thrilled you’ve decided to stop by.
As we begin to move toward our "new normal," we are all looking for ways to move our bodies, relax our minds and reduce stress.
Yoga is a great way to do all three, and Joyful Yoga offers a supportive community you can join from the comfort of your own home. 
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Meet Susan Maloney

"Find your joy, and share it with others!"

I'm a RYT500 Yoga Instructor based in Jacksonville, FL. As a runner, I appreciate how yoga helps me balance my physical and mental training. Having the chance to share my knowledge and experiences with my students fills me with joy.
Everyone could use more yoga in their lives, so I hope to see you on the mat soon. Namaste.

DONNA Mother's Day Your Way Preferred Studio
DONNA Mother's Day Your Way Preferred Studio
May 8 & 9, 2021
Online Event
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Joyful Yoga Classes

Raising the Bar

Pilates Stretches
Laughing Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Use props for support so your body and mind can relax

Joyful Restorative Yoga is a great way to end your weekend and prepare for the week ahead. While props such as yoga blankets, bolsters and eye pillows are used, items you have around the house can be substituted.

Yoga 1

Increase your flexibility, strength and mindfulness

Joyful Yoga 1 is perfect for students with yoga experience as well as those new to yoga. Get ready to stretch and strengthen your body.

Gentle Yoga

Bring some joyful movement into your day!

Joyful Gentle Yoga offers poses that are accessible to everyone in class. This type of practice can be an opportunity for breath awareness and mindfulness.

Girl Running by the Sea

Yoga for Runners

Call to schedule your appointment

Joyful Runners Yoga is designed to help runners keep running.  Its goal is to offset any imbalances runners may have, strengthening weak areas and stretching overused areas.  Since the mind is also an important part of running, it is also included.

Schedule Your Class

Choose your Yoga Class!

This link will take you to my Schedulicity Online Scheduling page where you can sign up for upcoming classes.

All classes are given via Zoom. You will be sent the Zoom link and password when you sign up for a class. If signing up for a class within two hours of it beginning, please contact me directly using the link below. 

Joyful Yoga offers the following options:

  • 3 For Free - Your first three classes are free! You can attend the same weekly class three times, or you try each of the three weekly scheduled classes. You decide which three classes you would like to attend!

  • Drop-In - The drop-in rate is $12.00 per class.

  • Monthly Auto Pay - $40.00 per month for attending as many classes as you like.  Monthly Auto Pay Bonus - Another member of your household can join class with you!




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